15 máy giặt 10kg loại nào tốt nhất 2020 tiết kiệm điện nước giá từ 5tr

15 máy giặt 10kg loại nào tốt nhất 2020 tiết kiệm điện nước giá từ 5tr

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1. Electrolux EWF12935S horizontal drum washing machine

The first choice is for you who are wondering which 10kg washing machine is good. Electrolux horizontal drum washing machine 9.5kg washing weight, compact design, modern eye-catching color. Machine officially appeared on the market since 2016, made in Thailand.

The machine has a spin speed of 1200 rpm, with 11 different washing programs. The outstanding feature of the product is the use of Eco Inverter technology with quiet operation, energy saving, Lily washing tub, Ultramix system to help clothes clean and freshen.

In addition, the machine also has steam washing and hot water washing, so the laundry will be 100% germinated, safe for health. The current, Electrolux EWF12935S washing machine cost approx VND 14,500,000. This is a fairly affordable price compared to a 10kg washing machine from a big brand like Electrolux.

Electrolux EWF12935S horizontal drum washing machine
Electrolux EWF12935S horizontal drum washing machine

2. Electrolux EWF14023S horizontal drum washing machine

Another product of the Electrolux brand you can refer to is Electrolux EWF14023S horizontal drum washing machine. The machine has a washing weight of 10kg, with 14 washing programs. This model has been on the market since 2016 but is still popular with many users.

The machine’s outstanding feature is the Inverter technology that saves electricity by 75% per consumption., UltraMix technology effectively dissolves laundry water, protects each fiber by 30% darker than normal, Vapor Care technology eliminates bacteria, limit allergens, Vapor Refresh mode helps reduce wrinkles. The only downside of the machine is the fairly high price range 20,000,000 VND. This is not the price that every family can afford to meet.

3. Front loading washing machine Samsung WW90J54E0BW / SV

Samsung WW90J54E0BW / SV washing machine Owning a beautiful design with delicate white color, creating a highlight in your home space. The product uses Eco Bubble technology to help soap foam penetrate deeply into each fabric, remove all stains. Samsung also integrates the Easy Iron less wrinkle washing machine.

In general, the washing machine is quite clean, the touch keys are easy to press, save electricity and water, wash the laundry without wrinkles, easy to iron. Especially the price is super cheap, the reference price is only about more 9,000,000 VND Just a little bit and you can owns a modern Samsung front door washing machine.

Front door washing machine Samsung WW90J54E0BW / SV
Front door washing machine Samsung WW90J54E0BW / SV

4. LG T2311DSAL vertical drum washing machine

LG T2311DSAL washing machine with large laundry volume up to 11kg, the price just stops at VND 10,000,000. The machine has a sturdy, angular look, but still exudes elegance and modernity. The machine has 10 washing programs, rotation speed 800 rpm, integrates many technologies such as Turboshot, 6 motion washing …

Most users evaluate the machine works, wash clothes clean, do not stick to soap, easy to use with smart control panel, touch and Vietnamese accompanying. The monthly electricity and water costs are also minimized with Inverter technology. LG vertical washing machine has a built-in remote control function So it is quite convenient, even if you are far away, you can actively wash the machine.

5. LG 10kg washing machine inverter FG1405S3W

FG1405S3W is another product from LG for you who do not know which 10kg washing machine to choose. The product owns a horizontal cage design, the front door is quite convenient. LG horizontal washing machine equipped with a variety of washing modes Integrated up to 14 different washing programs, users comfortably choose to suit their needs. The spin speed of the machine is 1400 rpm, the clothes are dry and fast, the drying time is also significantly shortened.

The machine’s outstanding features are Inverter technology for optimal power saving, quiet drive motor, long-term durability, 6-motion washing technology to make fibers more durable, True Steam steam washing will limits 99.9% of bacteria and harmful agents.

In addition, the machine also has the feature to add laundry while operating, remote control with modern SmartThinQ technology so extremely convenient. So how much does a 10kg washing machine cost? Currently 1 LG FG1405S3W washing machine is priced at approx VND 24,890,000.

LG washing machine FG1405S3W
LG washing machine FG1405S3W

6. Toshiba AW-B1100GV (WM) washing machine

Toshiba AW-B1100GV washing machine (WM) Design vertical cage, spinning speed 700 rpm. Although the price of the device is super cheap only about VND 5,500,000 However, the machine still has many outstanding features such as Hybrid Powerful washing tray that effectively disinfects bacteria, double waterfall effect and rinses faster and more efficiently, optimal water saving ability, arc air intake system heighten, make clothes dry better. However, the machine has a few washing modes with only 6 programs. Also, when spinning, the machine is a bit noisy. But at such a price it is completely acceptable.

7. Toshiba AW-DC1005CV vertical washing machine (WB)

Toshiba AW-DC1005CV (WB) vertical washing machine has a luxurious design, rotation speed of 900 rpm.

The outstanding features of this product are the innovative DD Inverter motor that saves monthly electricity costs, Hybrid Powerful washing tray with extremely strong swirling water, concentrated washing with air bubbles helps the detergent dissolve better, laundry cleaner.

In addition, the crystal star washing bucket increases the rubbing effect well but still protects each fabric. At the same time, the Fragrance Course feature ensures that your clothes will always be clean and fresh. This series is currently priced around VND 8.290.000. This is an affordable price, please consider!

Toshiba AW-DC1005CV (WB) washing machine
Toshiba AW-DC1005CV (WB) washing machine

8. Vertical washing machine Panasonic NA-F100V5LRV

In the segment of the best 10kg washing machine, the price is from 8,000,000 VND – 9,000,000 VND Panasonic vertical cage washing machines The NA-F100V5LRV is well worth the choice. The Stainmaster hot water washing machine is perfect for families with children. This feature will help clothes remove all stains while killing 99.9% of bacteria. Inverter motors combined with Econavi technology ensure the lowest cost of electricity for your family when using a washing machine.

With the 8-wing Active Wave detergent and Active Foam technology, laundry will be washed effectively. Although the spinning speed of the machine is only about 700 rpm, the machine is integrated with a 90-minute air drying mode. So the drying time is also negligible. The laundry is finished quickly to dry, suitable in the rainy season.

9. Panasonic washing machine NA-F100A4GRV

A cheap 10kg vertical washing machine below 7,000,000 VND for you to choose. Like the NA-F100V5LRV, this product also only has a rotation speed of about 700 rpm but incorporates a 90-minute air drying mode, which operates 2 in 1 similar to a multifunction smart washing machine with good price.

The Active Foam system also makes the Dancing water flow to make stains be removed completely, and clothes are clean. Moreover, the Sazanami washing bucket will help you protect your clothes better despite the strong water flow and high speed of rotation and friction. Especially, washing machine Panasonic NA-F100A4GRV will function effectively no matter how low water pressure you are, ensuring the engine is protected in the best way!

10. Horizontal cage washing machine Gorenje WD95140

The Gorenje WD95140 horizontal cage washing machine is perfect in every detail perhaps quite unfamiliar to many users. However, the 9kg product is a worthy choice for you to be wondering what kind of reference 10kg washing machine to buy! The machine uses the QuickWeb deep soaking system, which helps clothes wash quickly, water and detergent soak into clothes quickly, with extremely good cleaning efficiency. The most advanced balance control system, keeps the machine running smoothly and stably.

In addition, with the sensor system, the machine also has the ability to self-detect and pause when the drum is out of balance! Especially the spin speed up to 1400 rpm combined with the included drying function, you will not have to worry about your clothes getting wet in rainy days. But the price of this product is relatively high up to 40,000,000 VND, not all families have the conditions to own them.

Gorenje washing machine WD95140
Gorenje washing machine WD95140

11. Bosch WAW32640EU washing machine

In the list of 10kg washing machine products you should buy, you should also consider Bosch high-end washing machine, modern design WAW32640EU. The machine is also equipped with sensor technology to automatically adjust water consumption in accordance with the weight and fabric material, saving water in a good way. In addition, the Aqua Sensor also has the ability to automatically check the level of turbidity of the water during the rinse cycle, the Load Sensor sensor evaluates the weight of the garment and displays the parameter on the screen to ensure that the volume washing does not exceed the permitted rules. In addition, with the electronic motor control system, the operating noise of the machine is minimized, not affecting everyone’s rest time.

In particular, the Bosch WAW32640EU washing machine is integrated with an intelligent i-Dos ™ dosing system that accurately determines the amount of detergent, calculates the amount of detergent required for an almost absolute precision washing program. In general, the device is equipped with a lot of new technology, so the price of the device is not pleasant at all, falling in the range of 30,000,000 VND.

12. Hitachi SF-S95XC washing machine

It is really difficult to find a washing machine with large volume of washing in the price range below 5,000,000 VND like Hitachi SF-S95XC washing machine produced by the familiar Japanese company Hitachi.

Although the price is cheap, but basically the machine still works well with the spin speed of 600 rpm, the power pump technology, the Beat Wave Wash technology, the 4-step osmosis wash helps the clothes be washed vigorously, and remove stubborn stains. The machine is also equipped with a convenient anti-tangle laundry function. Machine has 11 washing programs with water consumption of only about 113 liters / time washing.

13. Vertical washing machine Sharp ES-U102HV-S

Sharp is one major washing machine brands, is trusted by many in the market. Sharp vertical cage washing machines are appreciated from design to convenient features.

And the Sharp ES-U102HV-S vertical washing machine is one of the right choices for you looking for a good 10kg washing machine in the price range. 6,000,000 VND.

The machine is manufactured in Thailand, with a 12-month warranty. The product’s outstanding feature is anti-mold washing tray, durable tempered glass, which reduces noise level and protects users from impact in case of sudden impact.

The machine is also equipped with a self-cleaning mode for the washing bucket, capable of self-removing all dirt, detergent residue sticking to the cage after a period of use. In addition, the holeless Eco Drum drum will help you save up to 30% of water consumption compared to the regular drum, limiting scratches during washing.

Vertical washing machine Sharp ES-U102HV-S 10.2kg
Vertical washing machine Sharp ES-U102HV-S 10.2kg

14. Aqua washing machine AQW-U125ZT (S)

You may also consider further Aqua drum washing machine. This is a top loading washing machine, with a washing weight of up to 12.5kg. The design of the device is quite eye-catching with 2 colors of silver and gold, giving your family a more luxurious look. The machine is also applied ultrasonic washing technology belt effect, combined with water spray and nano Ag + not only effectively repels stains, but also saves the maximum amount of detergent needed.

In addition, the Aqua AQW-U125ZT washing machine scored with many other convenient features such as auto start mode, clothes soak mode, child safety lock, many transportation programs that bring maximum convenience. multi user. Current machines cost approx VND 6,500,000 – VND 7,500,000 Depending on the promotions of each distributor.

15. Electrolux EWF14113 horizontal drum washing machine

The last product in the list of 15 10kg washing machines you should buy today you can refer to is the Electrolux EWF14113 horizontal washing machine. The laundry weight is 11kg, the spin speed is 1400 rpm with 16 washing programs.

The outstanding technologies integrated for the machine are: Eco Inverter technology, permanent magnet motor, Ultramix detergent dissolving system, Jetspray technology to increase injection pressure, anti-wrinkle technology, weight sensor load, add clothes function while washing. Currently this washing machine costs approx 16,230,000 VND. A price that is neither too high nor too expensive for a high-quality, durable product like this.

Electrolux EWF14113 horizontal drum washing machine
Electrolux EWF14113 horizontal drum washing machine

Hopefully with 15 products in the article will help you wonder which type of 10kg washing machine is easier to choose. Wish you soon buy a good, quality washing machine that best suits your needs as well as your financial conditions!


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