#1 PolyPlay: The Future of e-sports and blockchain gaming tournaments

 1. What is PolyPlay Coin?

E-sports has been unsustainable for many years at the professional level. The prize pools are unsustainable and it seems that only the top percent of players can earn a living playing video games. PolyPlay is not only hosting tournaments where amateur players are treated as if they are professionals, but the prize pools are larger than most of the professional e-sports tournaments. PolyPlay is sustainable because there is a 6% tax on sales transactions that funds the project, which addresses the funding issues and lack of sustainability in the e-sports space.

Not only is PolyPlay paying amateur gamers as if they are professional

s, but there are staking and investment opportunities as well! PolyPlay is a revolutionary product in the crypto-currency space. One of the major factors that will ensure the growth of

PolyPlay long term is the 1,000,000 supply.

With 1,000,000 supply, no burning or minting tokens, PolyPlay can ensure that it’s utility will do the talking! When there is a bullish or bare market, PolyPlay will continue to rise.

PolyPlay is offering tournaments, staking and will be building a launchpad set to release in September. With a fully transparent and DOXXED team, PolyPlay will quickly fill the shoes of a very desperate target audience.

Sponsors and Companies can be promoted through live twitch stream, YouTube Tournament Highlight shows and our PLAY ROOM Store. The future of Crypto-Currencies will allow the users to dictate their investments but also, the community to drive it’s own self determined growth while owning and earning, at no cost to the investor/player.

PolyPlay welcomes all sponsorship opportunities that match it’s vision. PolyPlay doesn’t just partner with your business, PolyPlay ensures that you are part of the PolyPlay ecosystem long term with a sense of belonging.

 2. Highlights of PolyPlay

The project is 1,000,000 supply and is a utility coin. It’s fundamentals are sound, providing e-sports and online tournaments a self sufficient and reliable backup funding source beyond sponsors.


 3. Basic information about PolyPlay

  • $0.40

    Private Sale

  • $0.55


  • $0.62

    Launch price on PanCakeSwap

  • 211,000

    Launch Supply

  • Team, Design and Development wallet will be locked with vested release.
  • 6% Sale Tax will go for Tournament fees (2%), Overhead (2%) and Marketing (2%)

 4. Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Launch PolyPlay Website & Socials
  • Contract Audit from OxBull
  • Private Sale
  • First DEX and CEX listing
  • Sponsorship for tournaments
  • Begin Amateur level tournaments
  • Launch PolyPlay Store
  • YouTube highlight channel
  • Liquidity pools and staking
  • Hire Twitch Streamers

Phase 2

  • Begin pro leagues
  • Hire Twitch Streamers
  • More Utility: Coins locking PLAY as liquidity for launch
  • Gaming DEX Launchpad

Phase 3

  • Integrate profiles and App
  • Launch Beta App for gaming
  • Gaming DEX Launchpad

 5. Team

BC Simon ( CEO )

BC Simon is a Romanian-Born Canadian that has played professional Football and Hockey. BC is a Behavioral Analyst by trade and is also an author, former commercial and print model. BC Simon runs an organization affiliated to Oxford Research. BC Is a critical thinker that is utility driven and a pragmatic in his approach to PolyPlay. His experience in assessing behaviors and developing plans to stop murders, suicides and extreme events makes him a unique catalyst for developing new and innovative ideas in crypto-currencies.

BC Simon has been a public advocate against Corruption and Human Trafficking. His work experience allows PolyPlay the opportunity to partner and affiliate with major projects and sponsors while building quality, professional relationships


Other members of team

 6. Partner 

We’ve established numerous partnership (ann. soon) with RealFivr, Oxbull, GodsNLegends, Night Life Crypto, PirateChain, Octree, Reliance, and many more!

 7. Information about PolyPlay

Welcome to the future of e-sports, Gaming’s Gold Standard.

 – Website: https://polyplay.net

 – Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolyPlayCoin

 – Telegram: https://t.me/PolyPlayGames